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Aerospace engineering is the primary area of expertise for Inter-Informatics with main focus to Interior Design. The engineering services cover concept and detail design, development, customization and upgrades, stress analysis and justification, manufacturing and installation support. 

Our large and highly qualified design team is fully dedicated to Aerospace engineering and has extensive experience with design standards and processes in the aerospace industry. 

Aerospace expertise

B737-800 livery

We offer to Airlines, MROs & Lessors the minor changes and STC's under EASA Part 21J.361 DOA.

Cabin Layout Modifications | Design and Changes of Interior Monuments | Installation Kit Delivery on Request | Certification Consultations & Services

Selected projects:

  • Travel Service a.s. – B737-800 cabin layout reconfiguration (EASA STC 10041362)
  • Polytech Aero Support Inc. – A330 improved air filter element installation (EASA STC 10053225)
  • C-spacer - Internal project of cabin divider for A320 and B737

Our company offers full cabin design or customization & upgrades (retrofits) for aircraft producers.

We offer complete services, from concept through 3D and 2D design to justification and documentation.

Cabin Architecture & Interiors | Lavatory, Galley, Stowage | Seats | Cabin Supply Systems - water, ventilation, cooling | Cabin Electronics  | Airframe

Selected projects:

  • AIRBUS GROUP – Cabin customization design for all PAX programs - A320, A330, A350, A380
  • Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. – Detailed design of Bombardier C-Series aircraft fixed leading edge single parts
A330 Garuda Cabin Interior Customization
Tibetian Airlines A330-200 galley

We offer full design services of interior monuments for aircraft interior suppliers. From concept through 3D and 2D design to justification and documentation.

We can provide services in structure and related system design - electro, water, ventilation, cooling.

Galleys | Stowage | Partitions | Lavatory

Selected projects:

  • ZODIAC AEROSPACE – Design of monuments (galleys and stowage) for Airbus and Boeing aircraft

Our team provides design and stress analysis for manufacturing jigs; also the manufacturing process and technology specification and optimization.

| Complex Airframe Assembly and Riveting Jigs Design
| Outsourced Manufacturing and Delivery on Request
| Forming Tools and Molds Design for Metallic and Composite Parts

Selected projects:

  • Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. – Assembly jig for the wing fixed leading edge of the Bombardier C-Series
  • Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. – Composite molds and forming tools for mechanical parts
Part of the jig assembly for the wing fixed leading edge of Bombardier C-Series aircraft
Stress analysis for the upgraded interior of the Embraer120, including composite panels

Static stress justification and optimization of aircraft structures (mainly internal parts) within the DOA, including the creation of certification reports in accordance with EU or US regulations and customer requests.

| Metal and Sandwich Structures, Strength and Mass Optimization
| Linear and Non-linear Analysis (Material and Geometric)
| Simulations of Stability and Buckling Behavior; Modal Analysis
| Structural Test Support | Certification Support

Selected projects:

  • AIRBUS GROUP – Strength justification of A380 B-brackets
  • MK Tek d.o.o.  – Strength justification of the new monuments in Embraer 120 interior modification
  • DERICHEBOURG ATIS AÉRONAUTIQUE – Stress analysis of installation of measurement equipment for aircraft interiors

This lightweight class divider is our first manufactured product fully developed in-house.

It is designed for Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. It is located beneath the overhead storage compartments and fixed only to seat tracks.

Airlines have several different options; IFE, USB slot, power outlet, or only an advertising panel.

Designed for A320 and B737 | Quick & easy installation
| Many colours, surfaces and configurations | 50-inch pitch between BC & EC seats | Extra leg room | Interchangeable LH/RH

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